HDIF is an UK challenge Fund aims at identify and support innovation and market driven solution that has the potential to create social impact in education, health and water sanitation and hygiene across Tanzania.
In 2014 APHFTA won its grant worthy GBP 400,000 for establishment of Afya Microfinance Limited. It is this grant which made AMIF to commerce its operations in the second half of 2015. Actually, HDIF grant was a seed capital for commencement of AMIF operations. Now AMIF has made step ahead to the extent of are being entrusted by number of reputable partners to support the improvement of health services provided by private sector in Tanzania.

We thank very much HDIF for their support as within eight months of operations beneficiaries of credit facilities from AMIF experience economic and social changes in their life. They are able to offer health care services smoothly at improved quality, can serve more patients, important and basic medicines are always available in their facilities and even their revenue is increasing unlike before.

This is a new Donor financing AMIF through provision of grant to a tune of GBP 400,000 for lending in Geita region to support the fight against Malaria project in a region implemented by APHFTA.
We highly appreciate COMIC Relief for their support. Through their support AMIF has been issuing loans to health care providers in Geita region for procurement of equipments and medicines including those essential for treatment of Malaria. We therefore, hope at the end of project we shall have been contributed to the reduction of malaria cases in a region.

•    SELF Microfinance Institution
We have started establishing financial relationship with SELF. They have entrusted us by providing us loans as an additional capital for our on lending activities. It is our hope we shall maintain longer this important mutual relationship.

•    Association of Private Health Sector in Tanzania (APHFTA)
APHFTA is a parent company who provided initial investments by way of share capital. Apart from share capital investments they are also still providing in kind support to AMIF. Basically, AMIF was established for the purpose of complimenting efforts of APHFTA to improve health care services provided by Private health providers. They expect whatever, will earn from AMIF will be ploughed back to support operations of AMIF for further improvement of Health services.

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