Afya Microfinance Limited (AMiF) is a private company established by Association of Private Health Facilities in Tanzania (APHFTA) for the purpose of improving health services in Tanzania by providing affordable loans to Private Health Providers. The targeted clients include ADDOs, Pharmacies, Dispensaries, Laboratories, Health centers and Hospitals
ADDOs are accessed through specialized product aiming at supporting distribution of drugs in rural and peri-urban areas with the ultimate goal of insuring availability of essential medicines in ADDOs shops at all time in all seasons and at affordable price. In order to achieve this goal Afya Microfinance Limited enters into contract with ADDO associations and suppliers whereby loans are disbursed direct to suppliers and supplier deliver stock of medicines to ADDOs shop under the supervision of ADDO Association leaders.

AMiF moved into full operation in May 2015 after receiving a grant from Human Innovation Development Funds (HDIF). This grant has opened a new dimension for smaller health facilities to receive affordable loans from Afya Microfinance Limited that are tailor made to meet their needs. AMiF’s mission is in line with the Tanzania’s vision 2015, enabling the SMEs to improve the quality of their services and promoting their expansion.

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