Cash for other business improvements, provided in form of Cash, to established health facilities with proven business experiences health sector, good credit history and with good financial and business skills.
=Loan amounting from Tzs. 1,000,000. to 30,000,000 for the first loan
=A Tanzania citizen aged from 18 yrs to 65
=The business /Facility which operated for 6 months and above.
= To agree with AMiF conditions to borrow
=Loan duration is from 3 months to 24 months

The AMIF Microfinance and Environment Action Group brings together microfinance practitioners to discuss and exchange experiences in dealing with environmental issues and to create new practical tools to advance environmental microfinance. The Action Group is also intended to act as a think tank that disseminates its results among e-MFP members and the microfinance sector at large with a view to increasing the awareness of and commitment to act on these issues. It is meant both as an internal knowledge-sharing and external awareness-raising platform that serves as a reference in the microfinance sector.

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